Free: delivery, setup, pickup with all rentals                                          843-384-9322
Free: locks & baskets with bike rental 

Discounted Rental Rates for Beach Properties' Guests

- Enter code BP upon shopping cart checkout or mention the "Beach Properties" rate when placing an order over the phone (843) 384-9322 to receive the discount.  For a full description of all the below items, please click the appropriate links on the left side of this page.

- All addresses will be verified as a current Beach Properties rental property prior to delivery.  

- Rates change seasonally.   If you would like to lock in the rates you see below, place your order online or give us a call today!

-- Bike rentals include free delivery, pickup and locks.  Additional free options include baskets and child seats, please select the appropriate options in the online shopping cart.  Additional charges are: 7% sales tax based on your order total and $1 per bike if your rental is in Sea Pines Plantation.

**Please note prices below for bikes might be higher in peak season (June-August)**

Bike Rentals Weekly Rental (4-7 Days) 1-3 Day Rental

Single Rider Bikes $21.25 $17.00
Adult Tandem $80.75 $55.25
Adult Trike $80.75 $55.25
Bike/Cargo/Pet Trailers $21.25 $17.00
Trail-a-Cycle, Alley Cat $42.50 (includes an adult bike) $34.00
Bike Helmets $4.25 $4.25

-- Baby gear rentals include free delivery, setup and pickup.  Please specify where you would like cribs setup in the online shopping cart.  Additional charges are: 7% sales tax based on your order total.

Baby Gear Rentals Weekly Rental (4-7 Days) 1-3 Day Rental

Full Size Crib $127.50 (fitted sheet add $5) $85.00 (fitted sheet add $5) 
Deluxe Vacation Package $205 $180
Full Size Crib + Sheet
Single BOB Stroller
High Chair
Exersaucer or  Jumperoo
Beach Toys
Pac n' Play (includes sheet) $42.50 $29.75
Single BOB Jogger $46.75 $34.00
Double BOB Jogger $63.75 $46.75
High Chair $34.00 $25.50
Booster $21.25 $17.00
Jumperoo/Exersaucer $29.75 $25.50
Swing/Bouncy Seat $29.75 $25.50
Baby Gate $21.25 $17.00
Bed Rails $21.25 $17.00
Breathable Bumpers $12.75 $12.75
Baby Monitor $29.75 $25.50

-- Beach gear rentals include free delivery and pickup. Setup and take down are at your discretion.   Beach gear is typically delivered, during the summer season and assuming a weekly rental, the morning after check-in and picked up at 5:00 PM the evening before check-out.  If you are arriving early and/or checking out late you can pickup/drop off from/to our facility.  Additional charges are: 7% sales tax based on your order total as well as a 1-3 day rental of all beach items not available at the original scheduled pickup time.

Beach Gear Rentals Weekly Rental (4-6 Days) 1-3 Day Rental

Beach Special $60 $45
1- Canvas Beach Umbrella
2- Beach Chairs
Heavy Duty Canvas Beach Umbrella $38.25 $29.75
Reclining Beach Chairs $21.25 $21.25
Beach Tub         $29.75 $25.50
Wonder Wheeler Beach Cart $25.50 $21.25
Radio Flyer Wagon $29.75 $21.25
Beach Toys $17.00 (large mesh bag) $17.00  (large mesh bag)
Bocce Ball $17.00 $17.00
Beach Towels for rent at $12.50 per towel

* Please call (843) 384-9322 with any questions or special requests.  We are quite flexible and would like to make your vacation as enjoyable as possible!
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